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Choosing Incredible Auto Insurance

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Choosing Incredible Auto Insurance

Common Insurance Claims Filed by Boaters

Reginald Burke

Owning a boat allows you to escape the heat of summer by heading out onto the open water for a day of relaxation and water sports. Many boating enthusiasts remember to pack food, drinks, and sunscreen, but they fail to prepare their boat for a day's outing with proper insurance coverage.

Boat insurance can be a real lifesaver should you encounter any unforeseen issues while on the lake, river, or ocean. As you learn more about the types of claims boaters often file, you will be able to see the valuable role insurance plays in protecting your financial assets after a boating accident.

1. Hitting an object that is submerged in the water.

Boats are designed to cruise along the surface of the water. It's important to remember that part of your boat's hull will be submerged as you power through the water at high speeds.

If you hit a piece of driftwood snagged in some reeds, a rock that is just below the surface of the water, or any other submerged object, your boat could sustain serious damage. Adequate boat insurance will provide you with the financial compensation needed to repair your damaged boat and make her seaworthy once again.

2. Having your boat stolen while it's at anchor.

Many boat owners opt to leave their boats docked in a marina during the summer boating season.

Leaving your boat at anchor in the marina allows the vessel to be accessed easily when you are ready to enjoy a day on the water. Anchoring your boat also reduces the amount of preparation and cleanup required after each boat use since you will not be taking your boat in and out of the water regularly.

Unfortunately, many boats are stolen while they are anchored in place. Replacing your boat could be costly if you don't have an insurance policy that will provide you with the market value of your stolen boat.

3. Colliding with another boat while on the open water.

Driving a boat on a lake or river isn't like driving a car. There are no painted lines to indicate where traffic lanes are, so drivers must be aware of other boaters at all times. No matter how cautious you may be, there is always the potential to be involved in a collision with another boat when you take your own vessel out for the day.

Boat insurance can help cover the cost of repairs to your boat. Contact an insurance company that specializes in boating insurance, such as Veronica's Auto Insurance, to find a policy that's best for you. An adequate insurance policy will also help pay for medical expenses associated with injuries incurred in the collision.