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Choosing Incredible Auto Insurance

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Choosing Incredible Auto Insurance

2 Unexpected Ways You Can Save On Auto Insurance

Reginald Burke

If you drive a car, then you need to have auto insurance. Unfortunately, this cost can get quite expensive if you want complete coverage. You may not be aware that your insurance company offers several kinds of discounts that you may not know of. Know about these 2 unexpected ways to save on auto insurance premiums.

Save With Safety Features

An insurance company will make your premiums lower if they view you as less of a risk. To an insurance company, a low risk driver means that they will have to pay less if you do get in an accident. If there are any ways you can reduce the chance of people getting injured while in your car, your car getting stolen, or getting into an accident, it could translate to premium savings.

Start by making sure your car has an alarm system built into it. While this feature is standard with many modern cars, consider adding an alarm system if you have an older car that never came with one. Airbags are a feature designed to limit the injuries you sustain in an accident. You may not be able to add airbags to a car after the fact, it is something you can consider for your next vehicle. Even anti-lock brakes can help reduce premiums because they make it less likely that you'll get into an accident.

Track Your Driving

Many insurance providers now offer discounts if you are a safe driver. This is verified by putting a small device in your car that tracks how you drive. Everything is taken into consideration, such as what time of day you drive, how hard you brake, how sharply you turn, and how fast you accelerate. Your driving score will directly translates to premium discounts, with there typically being a minimal discount for using the device.

Safe driving also includes not driving at all. The more miles you drive each year result in a higher chance of getting into an accident. Talking public transportation to work can help show that you are driving much less and help with that safe driving discount as well.

These are just a couple ways that you can save money on your car insurance premiums. Looking for additional ways to save? Reach out to your insurance agency, like Manassero Insurance Agency Inc, for more information. They may be able to offer additional discounts for things like being in the military or bundling policies together.