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Choosing Incredible Auto Insurance

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Choosing Incredible Auto Insurance

How To Deter Car Thieves Without Installing Any Gadget

Reginald Burke

Most advice regarding the deterrent of car thieves involves the installation of security systems or gadgets. Sure, these gadgets will go a long way in scaring away thieves, but keeping your car safe requires many approaches. For example, these three measures can help even though they don't require you to install anything:

Lock All the Doors and Windows

This tip is so simple its effect is easily underestimated, but it works. Car thieves, just like other thieves, want to do their job with the least effort possible. Therefore, if there are several cars in a target area, you can bet your last penny that it's the one with unlocked doors that will get stolen first. In fact, it's not uncommon for a security camera at a parking lot to capture footage of a car thief trying several doors before getting into a car with an unlocked door and driving off.  Don't make the work easier for the thief; lock all doors and windows.

Watch Where You Park

Your parking area also determines how easy it is to steal your car. Ideally, you should choose a highly visible place. Here are some tips to help you park your car safely:

  • If parking in a parking lot or garage, choose a vantage point (such as near the walls) where the car can be seen from multiple angles.
  • Ensure your parking space is well lit.
  • If the parking lot isn't full, park slightly away from other cars so that your ride doesn't become much of a target.
  • Avoid parking on the street overnight.

Look After Your Car

According to the broken window theory, relatively minor disorder leads to serious crime. For example, when a home burglar sees a house with a broken window, they are likely to think that the owners are away or don't care too much for their belongings, maybe they don't even have security alarms. That house then becomes a target for more serious crimes (such as burglary).

For example, it is easy for car thieves to conclude that you aren't serious about the safety of your car if it looks dirty, is scratched all over, and has a missing headlight. Reasoning that such a car is unlikely to have a high-security system; your car then becomes a target for thieves. Therefore, keeping your car clean and well-maintained is a good way of deterring thieves too.

Hopefully, the above tips will help keep your car safe from the eager hands of thieves. Remember to inform both the police and your auto insurance in the unfortunate event that your car does get stolen.